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AVS is a free SCM software based on the main concepts provided by the most expensive alternatives available on the market place. The project includes a task based file repository management system, and a bug tracking engine. AVS is released with most of its features free, while a few extended ones are restricted by a commercial licence.
Main free features:

- Change request management
- Change request life cycle creation
- File configuration management
- Branch per file
- Atomic task check-in
- File/folder move ability keeping history
- Myers' algorithm based diff
- 3-way merge editor
- Release management
- User/Group management
- Mail notification engine
- Secured communication through https

Commercial features:

- configuration filter
- parallel configurations
- merge manager
- change request statistics
- parallel development email notification

AVS benefits:

- Main features to have a full configuration management are free
- Contains both change request and source configuration management
- No .cvs or .svn polluting management files/folders within the client workspace
- Saves time with early conflict detection
- Allows parallel development through a branch per file mecanism
- Very simple administration, no need for a dedicated manager position
- Change request and file management integration eases release management
- Full user management, and access restrictions upon group access controls
- Change request life cycle management allows users keeping their usual processes
- Development tasks allows working on simultaneous issues without confusing commit actions
- Easy integration with external quality tools through automatic script execution and scheduling
- Easy database change thanks Hibernate
- Java based application, client fully portable among operating systems
Last updated on October 29th, 2009

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