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What's new in kitgen build system 0.2.5:

  • tcl/tk 8.5.5 and 8.6a3
  • sqlite 3.6.3
  • tablelist 1.10
  • mentry 3.2
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BSD License 
Rene Zaumseil
ROOT \ Programming \ Assembler Tools
kitgen build system is a framework to generate TclkitLite executables, compile Tcl packages and build kit files for different operating systems.

Quick start:

   * Build executables:
  ./kbs.tcl -r install kbskit-8.5
  ./kbs.tcl -r install tksqlite-0.5.6
   * Build kit-file:
  ./kbs.tcl -r install kbspkg-8.5
   * Start graphical user interface:
  ./kbs.tcl gui
   * Display online help:
=== Read definitions from /home/rene/tmp.kbs/sources/kbskit-8.5/kbskit.kbs
Kitgen Build System (0.2.5 Revision: 1.12 )
kbs.tcl ?options? mode ?args?
  -pkgfile=?file?      contain used Package definitions
                       (default is 'sources/kbskit-8.5/kbskit.kbs')
  -builddir=?dir?      build directory, used with [Builddir]
                       (default is './build$tcl_platform(os)')
  -CC=?command?        set configuration variable _(CC)
                       (default is 'gcc' or existing environment variable 'CC')
  -i -ignore           ignore errors and proceed (default is disabled)
  -r -recursive        recursive Require packages (default is disabled)
  -v -verbose          display running commands and command output
  --disable-symbols    set configuration variable _(SYMBOLS)
  --disable-64bit      set configuration variable _(64BIT)
  --disable-threads    set configuration variable _(THREADS)
  --disable-aqua       set configuration variable _(AQUA)
  help                 this text
  version              return current version
  doc                  create documentation
  gui                  start graphical user interface
  list ?pattern?       list packages matching pattern (default is *)
  require package ..   return call trace of packages
  sources package ..   get package source files (under sources/)
  configure package .. create [Makedir] (in [Builddir]) and configure package
  make package ..      make package (in [Makedir])
  install package ..   install package (in [Builddir])
  test package ..      test package
  clean package ..     remove make targets
  distclean package .. remove [Makedir]
package is used for glob style matching against available packages
(Beware, you need to hide the special meaning of * like foo*)

The following configuration variables can be used:
_(64BIT)   = --disable-64bit
_(AQUA)    = --enable-aqua
_(CC)      = gcc
_(DIR)     = unix
_(SHARED)  = --enable-shared
_(STATIC)  = --disable-shared
_(SYMBOLS) = --disable-symbols
_(THREADS) = --enable-threads
_(TZDATA)  = --with-tzdata

Build requirements:

The following external programs are needed:
   * C-compiler
   * make with handling of VPATH variables (gmake)
   * cvs, svn (not yet used), tar, gzip, unzip to get and extract sources

To build under Windows you need the [msys] system and put the kbs-sources
inside the msys tree (/home/..).

Last updated on May 9th, 2009


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