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cconf is a small and smart build assistant.




cconf is a small and smart build assistant. It aims to be a very lightweight and easy to use build assistant (like auto*, but with fun).

Wherefore can I use it?

You want your program to be able to build in different environments, which may require different build configurations. Common tasks as defining a prefix for installation and making it easy to change for distributors is a solved using cconf.

How to use

Copy the sample `cconf/` directory and `` to your project directory. Remove the sample entries below `cconf/searchfor/*/`and add your own configuration.

Run "./" before building your project.

Supported systems

cconf should run on all POSIX supporting OS. Please report if your system
is not listed below.

cconf is being used on:

- Linux/Debian: amd64/i386
- FreeBSD: amd64/i386

What's New in This Release:

Added report_success
Added ability to detect libraries
Added check for existence of configuration directory
Added this changelog
Last updated on May 15th, 2008

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