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Sol Manager is a tool to manage your source files and configuration settings.




Sol Manager is a tool to manage your source files and configuration settings. SolMgr organizes project information in compiler- and platform-independent descriptions and allows conversion to native build scripts, such as makefiles or MS Visual Studio solutions.

GUI is provided to visually control project configurations, and to perform everyday project management tasks such as files addition/removal, dependency management etc.

Notice: SolMgr is under heavy development currently, so it lacks many features and functionality.


· Mono
· Gtk# runtime

What's New in This Release:

· Added: command-line utility solgen which allows generating output without running GUI
· Fixed: revised strictness of C++ options
· Added escape-characters support to macro processor
· Added quoted strings support to macro processor
· Fixed: comma-separated list conversions did not work since csv-list were treated as multiple macro parameters
· Added CodeBlocks IDE support
· Added build events properties to C++ configurations (Pre-build, pre-link and post-build). Supported in CodeBlocks C++ and MSVC/C++ configs.
· Added: "Build workspace" and "Validate workspace" toolbar buttons for faster access.
· Added .NET framework and Gtk# installer download links in win32 installer
· Added recently used files list
· Fixed: solmgr settings now stored in "Application Data" directory which is correct
· Added sample to introduce CodeBlocks support. (docs/samples/C_3/app.sws)
· Fixed: project dependencies were ordered incorrectly in some cases
· Added "User text" property in "Managed .NET makefile" configuration, which allows specifying custom makefile rules
· Fixed: workspace and log windows settings were not restoring correctly after window minimization
· Added "install" target rule for linux makefile
· Fixed: list properties editor did not restore correctly after showing editor dialog
· Added special case of text editor for multiline properties
· Fixed: properties editor could be displayed in incorrect position since scrolling to selected item was performed after showing editor
· Fixed: list editor dialog was initialized with too small default window size
Last updated on November 2nd, 2005

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