Make Run Script 7.12.13

MakeRunScript is a custom task for ant that generates run scripts for Java applications.
MakeRunScript project is a custom task for ant that generates run scripts for Java applications. Even if you are developing on windows, you can make a run script for *nix, and vice-versa.

If you've used the built-in Java task before, you already know how to use 90% of MakeRunScript.

Parameters specified as nested elements


The scriptfile nested elements define which run script files to make. They take two attributes: file and os. The file attribute specifies the path of the run script that will be made. It can be an absolute or relative path. The os attribute defines the OS this run script is for. There are only two possible values for this: windows or *nix.

You must define at least one scriptfile nested element.


The java nested element uses the same format as the Java task. Please refer to the Java task documentation for information on how to use the java nested element.

Although all attributes and nested elements of the java element are accepted, some have no effect. For example, the fork attribute is ignored.

What's New in This Release:

Some internal code has been refactored.
The package antmakerunscript was renamed to makerunscript.
The documentation was updated with this information.

last updated on:
December 14th, 2007, 20:42 GMT
license type:
The Apache License 2.0 
developed by:
ROOT \ Programming \ Assembler Tools
Make Run Script
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