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Cookbooks provides an infrastructure for projects who want to use cook as build tool.




Cookbooks project provides an infrastructure for projects who want to use cook as build tool. In this respect it is much like automake. But it does not generate any files. Also the project is not build recursively, but from the main toplevel directory.

Cookbooks is designed to be modular, providing often used functionality on a high level. However the developer may at any time dive deeper into the build system and provide his own low-level procedures to adapt to any need that might arise.

Cookbooks supports the developer in modularising his software by providing utility functions to abstract away the position of the modules in the source tree layout. Eg. a small library can be a project on its own, but also be used in a larger project. With cookbooks on can just drop the library source into the bigger project's source tree and it is built as if it was the standalone version of the library.

Cookbooks does nothing without being told! In that way you are
flexible in what you do.

How to use:

Just drop the Howto.cook file and the util subdirectory in your project. Describe your project a config.cook file (one central config.cook or one per module or any mixture of both methods is possible). Type "cook" to build your project...


Building a C program:

Last updated on April 7th, 2008

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