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PDF Handler




pdfh is a PDF reading software suite that makes your PDF file collection easy-to-browse in a convenient playlist-kind table, allows you to quickly locate the right file, and allows you to keep individual or grouped notes on them.

Researchers download and read a lot of research papers which are usually PDF files. The file name is rarely indicative of the contents (ex. MergePDFs). This becomes a problem as the collection grows. pdfh identifies a PDF through it's content, independently of the file name or path, and allows you to tag them. It also tries to extract the title and author information. You can then quickly locate your file by doing a text search through this metadata. Additionally, you can keep notes on PDFs in separate, simple text files. A note can refer to multiple PDFs, and a PDF can be referenced by multiple notes. Notes thus act as further tagging information for PDFs to allow you to quickly find a file later on.
Last updated on January 13th, 2009

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