LCDF Typetools 2.66

LCDF Typetools contains several command-line programs for manipulating PostScript Type 1 and PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Eddie Kohler
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LCDF Typetools package contains several command-line programs for manipulating PostScript Type 1 and PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts.

Cfftot1 translates a Compact Font Format (CFF) font, or a PostScript-flavored OpenType font, into PostScript Type 1 format. It correctly handles subroutines and hints.

Mmafm and mmpfb create instances of multiple-master fonts: mmafm creates the AFM file (font metrics) for an instance, given the AMFM and AFM files distributed with the multiple master; mmpfb creates a normal, single-master font for an instance, given the multiple master font itself. These tools help multiple master fonts work with UNIX programs for single-master fonts, like afm2tfm, ps2pk, GhostScript ps2pdf, and the X11 Type 1 font server. Mmafm and mmpfb were previously distributed in their own package, mminstance.

Otfinfo reports information about OpenType fonts, such as the features they support and the contents of their 'size' optical size features.

Otftotfm creates TeX font metrics and encodings that correspond to an OpenType font (either PostScript or TrueType-flavored). It will interpret glyph positionings, substitutions, and ligatures as far as it is able. You can say which OpenType features should be activated.

T1dotlessj creates a Type 1 font whose only character is a dotless j matching the input font's design.

T1lint checks a Type 1 font for correctness.

T1reencode replaces a font's internal encoding with one you specify.

T1testpage creates a PostScript proof for a Type 1 font. It is preliminary software.

Ttftotype42 generates a PostScript Type 42 font wrapper for a TrueType font. The glyph names are identical to those generated by programs like pdftex and otftotfm, so encoding files can be shared by pdftex and dvips.
I'm actively soliciting feedback on the typetools. Please write me with problems, patches, or suggestions.


· UNIX; gmake; C & C++ compilers. To build, just run ./configure, then gmake. See 'INSTALL' in this directory for more detailed information about './configure'.

· Some programs can link with additional libraries. Otftotfm can use the Kpathsea TeX-related path searching library; if your kpathsea library is in a nonstandard place, supply 'configure' with the '--with-kpathsea=PREFIX' option to find it.

· You can also disable individual programs by supplying 'configure' with '--disable-PROGNAME' options. See './configure --help' for more information.

What's New in This Release:

· Improve kerning pairs and metric information for TrueType fonts.

Last updated on December 18th, 2007

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