CUPS-PDF2.6.1 / 3.0 Beta 1

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A PDF writer backend for CUPS.





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CUPS-PDF project is a PDF writer backend for CUPS. It is designed to produce PDF files in a heterogeneous network by providing a PDF printer on the central fileserver.

It will convert files printed to its queue in CUPS to PDF and put them in a per-user-based directory structure. It can execute post-processing scripts, e.g. to allow mailing the results to the user.

Important notes:

CUPS-PDF requires root privileges since it has to modify file ownerships. In recent distributions the "RunAsUser" option in cupsd.conf is set to "Yes" which removes these privileges. Please make sure to set "RunAsUser No" if you want to use CUPS-PDF.

make sure if any of CUPS-PDF's working directories (e.g. output) is a NFS mounted volume it is mounted without root_squash!

CUPS-PDF is known to fail if the gs (GhostScript) binary on a system is compressed by upx (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables).

if you are using SELinux make sure it does not interfere with CUPS-PDF

On MacOSX you will have to use pstopdf instead of AFPL GhostScript (see Readme).
Last updated on March 2nd, 2012

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