Timmic 2.0 Alpha 3

Timmic' is a multi-platform collaborative activity manager system for medical cabinet management.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 17
Frédéric SAVINO
ROOT \ Office \ Scheduling
Timmic' is a multi-platform collaborative activity manager system for medical cabinet management. It is made of Swing, JMS, EJBs, Hibernate, JasperReports on an embeded JBoss app server.

Timmic is a collaborative waiting room management software for medical cabinet (health, dentistery...) either hospital. Easy to use, Timmic provides critical information about your cabinet status.

Here are some key features of "Timmic":

ˇ Top above edition panel to enter new visitors (4 types distinguished: patient, friend, professionals and unknown)
ˇ Centered waiting room panel indicating waiting (with colored sphere for delay), in process or processed visitors
ˇ Changing appointment status is done by simple double-clicking on colored spheres
ˇ Instant Messaging area with bell quick message
ˇ Bottom filters area to fit the waiting room display


ˇ Java Runtime Environment


1. Execute the timmic-install-xxx.jar and follow installation instructions (use java -jar timmic-install-xxx.jar to manually launch the setup)
2. Follow installation instructions (Checking client option is not mandatory thanks to the embedded Java WebStart technology).
3. Avoid using space character in server's installation path
4. Timmic is installed! The next step will be to start the server.

Starting the server:

Open the server installation directory (the one you choose during installation process) and launch the run.sh command located at timmic-jboss-server/bin directory

Once the server is started, you can check the installation at the following url: http://yourserver:8080/timmic where yourserver is either computer name or your IP address.

At first installation startup, the database is empty without any user information data. To login the first time and setup users, use:

name: root
password: admin

What's New in This Release:

ˇ Agenda is available!
ˇ Information panel
ˇ Installation refactoring
ˇ Global refactoring (Hibernate 3, JBoss 4...)
ˇ Delay coloration spheres management
ˇ several bugs in appointment edition

Last updated on March 13th, 2008

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