Open Blue Lab HCM Payroll 1.0.1

Open Blue Lab is an enterprise resource planning system.
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Open Blue Lab is an enterprise resource planning system.

Whatever your goal is, the objective of this tool is to provide you the 'ready-to use' stuff to create, update, search and view data you need for your application.

Moreover, this stuff is provided with the latest UI goodies like AJAX support that will ensure you the best feeling you never had in browsing.

Like project is portal aware, that means you have aggregation and personalization too.

That way, you can focus on your added value : the business logic and requirements your customer needs.

Here are some key features of "Open Blue Lab":

to collaborate and communicate better
to manage your personal time
to schedule your appointments
to define and track personal and group project
to manage your content (asset, document, ...)
to manage your customer relationship
to make coffee (not yet, next release maybe

We want to develop a product, free, that fits exactly your needs, so read this web site and take time to indicate us your requirements. They will appear on our todo list, maybe in a long time, but they will. Then, you may incitate people to contribute in your direction by sponsoring somebody to achieve it.

This product is completely free. You can even package it and sell it. If you wonder what is our business model, you can ask to the forum.

Built on java technology, you may download the GUI installer, double-click and use it (with all your entreprise) through your preferred browser, whatever your environment is.

Built on XML and REST technology, you may integrate (in synchronous or asynchronous mode) it very easily in your environment too.

Last updated on May 9th, 2007

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