MiG Calendar 6.0

MiG Calendar makes it possible to any kind of time-based visualizations to your applications with little effort.

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Mikael Grev
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MiG CalendarMiG CalendarMiG Calendar
MiG Calendar makes it possible to any kind of time-based visualizations to your applications with little effort.

Flexible, Fast and Easy to use

If you want to visualize information with a time perspective, MiG Calendar will not only make your application look professional and be easy to use, you will save resources as well.

MiG Calendar is the most flexible and high performing calendaring solution on the market, you will not be disappointed; that we can promise you.

With MiG Calendar you can create a user interface that looks and feels like Microsoft's Outlook, Apple's iCal or Mozilla's Calendar in only a few days. Add a day or two and you can even switch between them while the application is running!

What kind of applications can you create with MiG Calendar?

MiG Calendar Component is a Java component that will make it easy to map anything that has a time or time range to a very flexible and optionally interactive visual representation.

Here are a few examples of the applications you can create with the component, there are many more.

Advanced Calendaring Solutions
Hotel Bookings Visualization and Interaction
Airline Flight Time Information System
TV Schedules for Web or Interactive through an Applet or Application
Cinema Movie Time Visualization
Serving Calendar Images to a Web Application
Resource Management Booking System

Here are some key features of "MiG Calendar":

Visually extremely flexible through Theming and decorator support. Very easy to extend with new decorations and behaviors.
Very good performance with optimized redrawing, making it possible to show tens of thousands of activities in one screen.
Flexible recurrence handling that supports all aspects of the iCalendar (RFC 2445) specification.
Date utility package included for handling advanced date and date range arithmetic such as iterating over time periods and rounding dates to boundaries.
Complete all around header support with mouse interaction effects and events. This includes automatic scrolling and corner fill components.
Extensive event support. Almost any changes and interactions can be caught by listening for events.
Both an interface and implementing classes are included for handling the activities in the calendar. This makes it simple to integrate your existing classes, or create new ones, with MiG Calendar.
The MiG Theme Editor included makes it a snap to create your own calendar look and feels (i.e. skins) using a GUI. The amazing thing is that it is equally easy to do the customizations by hand in code.
The MiG AShape API for defining and painting the shapes that makes out the activities shown in the calendar, are very flexible and totally decoupled from the calendar layout itself. This governs for an until now unseen flexibility creating your own type of calendar.
The subsystem for importing, exporting and synchronizing the activities handled by the calendar is completely exchangeable and/or extendable. It would for instance be a simple thing to hook it up with a third party iCalendar parser to view and edit .ical files. A reference demo implementation of a .ical parser is included. There are also good Open Source parsers available.
The class hierarchy of MiG Calendar is simple yet very powerful. It is following the design patterns of Swing. The implementation packs a lot of customization without the need to subclass, but sub classing is still allowed and considered for in the design.
A vast number of utility classes and helper objects are included.


Java Environment

What's New in This Release:

More and better JavaBeans were added.
Very advanced printing support was added, with built-in preview.
Lots of ease-of-use enhancements were made.

Last updated on March 16th, 2007

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