InerTrak 3.0

InerTrak is a time tracking software.

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InerTrak is a time tracking software.

Accurate time tracking is an important part of project management, whether you are a designer, a lawyer, a contract worker, or anyone else who works on multiple projects on an hourly basis.

InerTrak is a powerful, easy-to-use project tracking program that automatically keeps track of the time you spend on different projects thorughout the day; all you do is click to start and stop the timer.

You can see the daily totals for each project, check off days as they are billed, and add a note to any date.

Each project can include an hourly rate, automatically showing the monetary as well as time totals.

You can easily create and print an invoice for any project or client, using a template file that you can customize.

You can easily create and print a time card for any project or client.

Here are some key features of "InerTrak":

InerTrak integrates easily with our time tracking software for PalmOS, PicoTrak. You can use PicoTrak to track your time when away from your desk, then easily merge that data into existing InerTrak data.
Times can be displayed in a variety of different formats (hours and minutes; hours and sixths of an hour; hours and tenths of an hour; hours and quarters of an hour; or hours and hundredths of an hour).
View your data in a wide variety of ways, sorted almost any way you can think of.
Full printing capabilities.
Data can be automatically formatted for import into other programs such as Microsoft Excel. The data can either be exported to a text file in CSV format, or copied to the clipboard for direct pasting into another program.
Multiple timers can be running simultaneously.
Dates can be marked as nonbillable, and so won't be included in any money totals.
The terminology used ("Client" and "Project") is fully customizable to fit your needs.


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Last updated on December 28th, 2005

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