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0.14.3 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
3.5/5 32
Planner is a project managment tool for the Gnome desktop, for planning, scheduling and tracking projects.





Planner is a project managment tool for the Gnome desktop, for planning, scheduling and tracking projects.

Here are some key features of "Imendio Planner":

Definition of tasks and subtasks, resources and resource groups
Dependencies between tasks
Display of the critical path
Calendars with working/non-working time
Gantt chart and resource usage overview
HTML export of project plans
Translated to nearly 20 languages, e.g. French, Spanish and Swedish

What's New in This Release:

Added support for version 3 of libgda, the database access library
Added internationalization (I18N) support for HTML export
Allow dragging of completion bar in Gantt chart
Allow dragging of task duration in Gantt beyond the window size
% Complete column added to task and Gantt view
New Tango icon set contributed by Frederic Bellaiche
Show guide lines setting is now persistent thanks to Marie Durand

Fixed bug: Incorrect week numbers were sometimes shown both in the UI and in exported HTML. This fix requires a dependency on libxslt-1.1.23 or higher (see bug #452876).
Fixed bug: Project start time shifts each time a project is read from a database
Fixed bug: Toggling fixed duration state does not immediately update task appearance in Gantt chart
Fixed bug #332748: Row height in exported HTML is incorrect in Internet Explorer (patch by Nico de Groot)
Fixed bug #337382: Sidebar buttons are not accessible for things like screen readers
Fixed bug #345163: ngettext should be used to get proper translation of plural
Fixed bug #373008: Crash when importing MS project XML
Fixed bug #382548: Crash when undoing indent
Fixed bug #388454: Planner hangs when cancelling HTML export
Fixed bug #393620: Gantt header width in exported HTML is incorrect
Fixed bug #397132: Crash on export to database
Fixed bug #436263: Keep task selection when (un)indenting
Fixed bug #464359: Make distcheck fails (patch by Gilles Dartiguelongue)
Fixed bug #486990: Fixed duration tasks have incorrect duration
Fixed bug #499090: Incorrect task cost calculation in exported HTML for tasks worked on by multiple people.
Last updated on April 17th, 2008
Imendio PlannerImendio PlannerImendio Planner

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