Fred 1.4.0

Fred is a plattform independent time tracking tool.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 14
Sebastian Krysmanski, Wolfgang Bischof...
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Fred is a plattform independent time tracking tool. It allows you to easily file, view and record efforts, structure them into tasks and projects and send them (in multi-user projects) to a project leader.


· Java Runtime Environment version 1.5 or later

What's New in This Release:

Major new features:
· Support for FredServer v1.3.5; support for Unicode server communication
· Fred is now multilangual; Translations are available in German and English (issue #31)
· MacOSX support (issue #17, r645, r657, r659)
· Unsaved changes are no longer lost when the user logs out while Fred is running. Instead they are saved in a temporal file and can be restored when Fred is started next time. Tested only on Windows. (issue #19, r606)
· Some enhancements when storing a work file on a removable device; e.g. USB stick. (issue #77)
· Revised quick-start guide (r622, r636)

Minor new features:
· There are now information messages when the user tries to create a task or an effort when there is no project (r639)
· Bigger windows icon (r625)
· The full path to the currently opened work file is now display in the main window's title bar (r610)
· Quickbar now appears whenever the mouse cursor hits the screen border where the Quickbar is docked (r661)
· Effort duration has new format (hh:mm); replaces previously used format (dd:hh:mm); is more intuitive
· Dialog for editing efforts has been reorganized and has a bigger comment area
· It's now possible to upload all efforts that currently visible (r558)
· Within the reallocation dialog the user is now able to edit the durations of the currently recorded effort (r560)
· The default task and it's containing project are now highlighted in termsm of color (r579)
· The quickbar's position can now be set using the main menu (issue #43, r595)
· The quickbar's buttons are now larger (issue# 46, r561, r624)
· The effort table now restores the previously selected efforts after an action has been performed on these efforts (issue #61, r578)
· The quickbar now doesn't overlay the taskbar under windows nor the menubar under MacOSX anymore when becoming visible. Instead it apears above, below or marginally (r661)

· The option "Select pdf view (Linux only)" wasn't saved (r656)
· kpdf (Linux) couldn't be used to open the manual (r656)
· Correct duration calculation of efforts when the time was adjusted due to the daylight saving during the effort's timeframe; e.g. an effort that starts on 29 Mar 2008 at 14:00 and ends on 30 Mar 2008 at 14:00 has now a duration of 25 hours (r649)
· Fixed slow scrolling of the effort table (r643)
· Fixed exception when collecting efforts: When there were no efforts to collect and user check the option to show the collected efforts, an exception was thrown. (issue #92, r626)
· Fixed wrong labels and some other glitches in file chooser (r621)
· Quickbar doesn't disappear any more (r661, issue #39)
· many corrections of labels used in Fred; especially some labels showed < br > instead of a line break (issue #83)
· Calculation of conflicting (=overlapping) efforts wasn't correct
· Fixed presentation of the project tree when the default task was changed (r579, issue #14)
· If the work file couldn't be parsed, there will now be an error message (issue #28)
· If the user wants to open a dialog using the quickbar, the main window will now be restored (issue #40, r559)
· Possibility to enter to large values in the reallocate dialog fixed (issue #49, r560)
· Fixed overall effort duration after an effort has changed (issue #48, r556)
· Fixed exception when duplicating view (issue #51, r578)
· Fixed exception when trying to close Fred using the tray icon while the messagebox that asks the user if he want to save his work is showing (issue #60, r578)
· Changing the default task doesn't require to save the whole work file again (issue #69, r596)
· Fixed MalformedURLException when viewing a non-team project's properties (issue #72, r594)
· Invalid dates (like 31 Sep 2007) are now rejected (issue #76, r592)

Other changes:
· Renamed "Fred 2007" to "Fred 2008" (r644)
· A slight new quickbar image (r642)
· The changelog (this file) has now it's own file and is no longer part of the readme file. Additionally it's translated into English.

Last updated on April 10th, 2008

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