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tpp project stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool.




tpp (short from text presentation program) is an ncurses-based presentation tool. The presentation can be written with your favorite editor in a simple description format and then shown on any text terminal that is supported by ncurses - ranging from an old VT100 to the Linux framebuffer to an xterm.


· Ruby 1.8
· A recent version of ncurses
· ncurses-ruby

A simple example

The following example is very simple, showing only a fraction of tpp's features. For more examples, download tpp and have a look at the examples subdirectory.

--author Andreas Krennmair
--title A simple example
--date today

This is the abstract of this presentation.
It may consist of zero or more lines, and may be as long as you want.

--newpage agenda
--heading Agenda

* Introduction

* Concept

* Implementation

* Comparison with other implementations

* Conclusions

--newpage intro
--heading Introduction

This is the introduction. And below, that's source code.

#include < stdio.h >

int main(void) {
puts("Hello World!");
return 0;

What's New in This Release:

· This release added patches and bugfixes from Debian and a German translation of the documentation.
Last updated on April 30th, 2007

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