OOoSVN 0.3.11 Beta

Change control for documents via Subversion under Unix.

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What's new in OOoSVN 0.3.11 Beta:

  • File recovery module was saving files to wrong path due to a missing slash.
  • If no version list is generated by recovery module, recovery would still try to continue. An error is now given and the process is ended.
  • If no version list is generated by revert module, revert would still try to continue. An error is now given and the process is ended.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.3/5 15
ROOT \ Office \ Office Suites
OOoSVN is a project to provide change control for documents (OpenDocument and *.sx*) via subversion under Unix. Can check in internal changes in files and allows users to recover any previous version, view logs and compare with older versions


This is BETA, use with caution. This version is much tougher than previous versions so the only chance for losing work with this version is if there is a problem with one of the underlying programs, all of which are pretty mature and are trusted by many thousands of people.

This ZIP file is now the extension, unlike with older versions. Installation
should be more straight forward.

1. Install the package using OOo's package manager, Tools > Package Manager (Extension Manager after 2.1) . This will install the BASIC module and will give you the SVN menu.

2. If doing an upgrade it is strongly recommended that you run Tools > Add-Ons > Install OOoSVN scripts to upgrade the scripts. If this is a fresh install, use SVN > Place document under version control for the first time and your home repository, working directory and shell scripts will be created for you by the new wizard.


The SVN menu gives all of the options to carry out on a document. They're safe in this version.

If you want to automate use of OOoSVN, assign the macros OnSavedSVN and OnSavedAsSVN to the Saved and Saved As events (note past participle). This is not done automatically as most users will still only want to try this out and I'm not sure the OOo extensions format allows for macros to be assigned to events on installation.

Last updated on January 30th, 2009


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