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nn Newsreader is a curses-based USENET news reader.




nn Newsreader project is a curses-based USENET news reader. The motto of nn is its expanded name, "No News is good news, but nn is better". The nn newsreader is designed to let you minimize the amount of time you spend reading news (or, more realistically, to allow you to follow even more newsgroups).

Nn allows you to quickly select articles of interest and skip the rest. It also supports efficient article killing and selection of articles by author and subject.

Here are some key features of "nn Newsreader":

Menu-based article selection prior to reading the articles, with the articles sorted according to subject and posting time. This significantly reduces the time spent on news reading. No keystrokes are wasted on articles you don't want to read, and only the articles selected on the menu will be read.
Uses standard .newsrc, and can leave individual articles unread.
Digests are automatically split and presented as ordinary articles! You can transparently save and respond to individual sub-articles.
Full folder support: read, save, and delete individual articles.
Online help and manual.
Built-in unshar and patch functions.
Built-in uudecode function which will automatically unpack, concatenate, and decode multi-part postings.
Easy remapping of keys with advanced macro definition features.
Automatic kill & selection of articles based on subject or author.
User specified presentation sequence of news groups based on the news group hierarchy.
Whole classes of news groups can easily be unsubscribed permanently, e.g., talk.all and all.politics
Related groups can be merged and presented as a single group, e.g. comp.emacs and all gnu.emacs groups.

What's New in This Release:

The name length displayed is now based upon the width of the screen.
The header check macro is now case insensitive for both news and folders.
GPG support has been added , which comes with a new run-time variable 'sign-type', and a compile-time variable SIGN_TYPE to set the default to either PGP or GPG.
nn will now look in /etc/resolv.conf for a domain if DOMAIN isn't defined and hostname isn't a FQDN.
Last updated on March 20th, 2006

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