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myHella software is GTK front-end to be used together with hellaNZB which is meant for downloading from usenet.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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myHella software is front-end GTK application written in Python to be used together with hellaNZB which is meant for downloading from usenet.

myHella development started very recently but although it has already made an extremely progress.

You can get this GTK usenet program by checking it out from bzr:

bzr co myhella

or just download the files (click on a file and on the new page click on top of the screen on Download file. Just save them all in one directory):

What's New in This Release:

New features in myHella 2:
a big evolution in myHella 2 is the watch directory. By default is scans your home folder for new nzb's. Which folder to scan and if subdirectories should be scanned (recursive option) can be set in the general settings-pane.
antoher quite good evolution in myHella is the use of panes instead of different windows for the settings. There is a pane (panes are better known as tabs) for the stats, the queue and the general settings. In the future there will also be a pane/tab for the server settings.
In myHella 2 I built in some stability function so you can change the update interval. If, on older computers, myHella consumes to much resources just enlarge the update interval and myHella should run smoother.
With myHella 1 versions hellaNZB, the myHella download back-end, was automatically started together with myHella. Now you will have to choose to connect after starting myHella 2.
The tray has gotten more functionality. In this second version I will try to enable you as user to manage your downloads using the window or just by using the tray! At this moment you can add nzb's, clear the queue, connect to the internet, pause and quit myHella using the tray functionality.

On the other hand some things have just changed a little:
On the stats pane you'll find a slider (at the bottom) to easily set the maximum download rate
The stats have been divided into two sections, the first section are the essential stats which will always be displayed (what's downloading, how much has downloaded, how long will it take and what's processing). The second section is the details section which can be shown or hidden (standard hidden) and gives your more information about your download rate, queue-size, how much you already downloaded and how long you are already downloading.

Last updated on January 31st, 2008

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