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A computerised logbook
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Taglog provides an electronic workbook, combining logging of time to projects with keeping a detailed diary of what you actually do. Individual work elements can be tagged by project, allowing you to produce, for example, a record of work on one particular project, even if your time is spread across a number of projects.

Work items can also be tagged by activity type - for example meeting, phone, programming etc - allowing you to analyse where your time is going by activity. Note that this activity type is orthogonal to the project axis, so that - for example - user support would be a project - in the larger sense WHAT you are doing - and phone calls to users - HOW you are doing it - would be the activity type.

Taglog has been tested under Linux, Solaris and Windows 95 and NT.

It uses the clock tcl function present in tcl 8.2 - though I am not sure when it appeared - if the version of tcl is older than this then it uses the GNU date command (at present - although support for other forms of the command are intended for future releases)

Some facilities use TCL8.3 features and this is the TCL version which has had the most thorough testing with taglog.

The taglog program is distributed as a gzipped tar archive. This is a full suite of free programs giving you many powerful Unix tools on your Windows PC.


Make sure you have TCL installed on your system.
Unpack the downloaded tar.gz file into a temporary directory.

Change directory into the directory which contains the unpacked taglog

Enter the command 'tclsh install.tcl -system'

The taglog file will be installed into /usr/lcoal/bin, the libraries into
/usr/local/lib/taglog and the documentation into /usr/local/doc/taglog

last updated on:
February 1st, 2009, 8:58 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
John Lines
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What's New in This Release:
  • A bug was fixed in taglog_action.tcl for compatibility with Tcl 8.5.
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