RealizationEngine Desktop Status Checker 0.04

RealizationEngine Desktop Status Checker is a stand alone desktop client to alert you to new messages in RealizationEngine.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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RealizationEngine Desktop Status Checker
rcheck is a tool that will allow you to check the status of one or more accounts on one or more RealizationEngines. rcheck is written in Perl, requires LWP::Simple and Digest::MD5 and Tk.

rcheck is intended to be a demonstration for creating clients that can check for and report new messages.

The status for an account can be requested by the following URL:

this will return the results in the form:


Example: 100:10:2

The results are XORed against the MD5 digest (hex) of the user's password before being sent so that the results are "lightly" encrypted. The results are trimmed to the length of the output only.

After receiving the encrypted result string from the server, take the MD5 digest (hex) of the user's password, trim it to the same length as the status string and XOR the two against each other. This will give the plaintext of the status message.

rcheck only reports new messages since last session, and the other two numbers are tossed in the trash.

rcheck stores a file called .rcheck2 in the local directory with account information (passwords encrypted).

Last updated on April 26th, 2005

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