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RUTV is a usenet TV auto-downloader.




RUTV is a Usenet TV auto-downloader.

RUTV is a PHP based command line program to automatically download TV shows from usenet. It's basically a glue layer stuck between a bunch of different programs and services to get everything going. In order to use it you will need to have a usenet account, a account, a account, a running and configured version of hellanzb and a fairly recent command line version of PHP (5.1.0+) with a few modules compiled in (CURL, PDO, XMLRPC, DOM).

Don't let it scare you, it really is quite nice, and once you get it running it is almost 100% worry-free. It even logs in to and marks downloaded episodes as acquired so you don't have to worry about keeping on top of that. It also doesn't run a bunch of free-text searches against so hopefully those server admins will like it a bit.

Usage: rutv
NOTICE: Long options are disabled
-h, --help : Get help (this message)
-v, --version : Print version and quit (1.3.0)
-d, --debug : Enable debugging messages
-m, --matchLocal : See if anything on your wanted list is already downloaded
-r, --rebuildFromRSS : Rebuild the available list from the stored raw RSS feed
-t, --tryAgain : Immediately retry downloading anything that is marked as found but not detected in the filesystem
-f, --flushMatches : Flush list of wanted to available matches
-N, --skipNewzBin : Skip getting the newzbin RSS feed of available shows
-Y, --skipMyEpisodes : Skip getting the RSS feed of wanted shows
-A, --skipMatch : Skip attempting to match wanted to available shows
-u, --newzBinURL : Fetch a list of available shows from an alternate newzbin RSS location (search results for example)
-c, --config : Set the config file location (defaults to ~/.rutv/config.php)


· hellanzb
· PHP 5

What's New in This Release:

· Added code to automatically retry downloads if rutv can't find evidence of a successful download.
Last updated on August 5th, 2008

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