Parlement 0.17

A threaded forum and a mailing list.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Emmanuel Charpentier
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Parlement is a threaded forum and a mailing list, and also a voting system where every one can propose, vote, or delegate their vote (a delegation being for one post/mail/poll and its sub-threads).

This results in a mix of Direct and Participative Democracy, a Web board where any sort of structured content can be democratically written: laws, constitutions, newspapers, petitions, even blogs.

Trust can be built through: PGP signatures so that data can not be tampered with, P2P servers where the posts/email messages/polls are replicated, and electoral lists to compute the results.

Traditionally, our political lives are organised with the rule of the three unities: unity of time, unity of place and unity of object.

It's a principle taking its roots in ancient Greece, and it certainly contributes to the awe we can feel when comes election day. But it is also a limitation´┐Ż

In the physical world we vote on:

one day
one place
one issue

In Internet we can vote:

any time
any where
any issue

It is us, individuals, citizens, who choose what we want to do. These three freedom have consequences, for example if you can vote anytime, you can probably also change your vote. There is also no need to have dates and agendas (except when outside conditions require it).

If you can vote on any issue, then why not allow everybody to propose polls? Their number growing, then delegating your votes become a very useful feature, allowing you to concentrate on the parts that interest you the most, while adding your voice to someone you trust on other matters.

If you can vote from anywhere, then you can vote in front of anybody, this means vote selling is a possibility. It is not anti democratic, it's a feature. A feature that, yes, could result into an oligarchy, it all depends on the value of our votes.

You can use the basic part of the system right now (no mailing list or chat, no vote, no delegation, no signatures, no electoral list). Just click on the more links to drill down into the available elements. Click on the >> links to propose new sub elements.

Last updated on May 14th, 2009

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