Newsbeuter 2.8

An Open Source and very fast RSS/Atom/OPML feed reader for your UNIX/Linux terminal

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What's new in Newsbeuter 2.8:

  • Add bookmark script for support (Andreas Happe).
  • Fix issues with the build process on OpenBSD (Kyle Isom).
  • Make guid generation smarter (Jochen Sprickerhof).
  • In the feed list, quitting now is the same as clearing the tag in case a tag is selected.
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MIT/X Consortium License 
Andreas Krennmair
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Newsbeuter is an open-source and free command-line software engineered to display RSS and Atom feeds in a Linux terminal emulator application. In other words, it is a text-mode feed reader for UNIX-like operating systems, including Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X.

Features at a glance

The software is a slick and fast feed reader implemented in C++ and designed to be fully controlled with your keyboard (includes configurable shortcuts), supports Atom and RSS 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0 feeds, lets users to download podcasts, as well as to easily and quickly search through all downloaded articles.

In addition, the Newsbeuter software allows users to effortlessly query and categorize their news subscriptions, thanks to a flexible tag system, integrate data sources, thanks to a flexible plugin and filter system, remove unwanted articles, define meta feeds, and export and import OPML files and Google Reader subscriptions.

Getting started with Newsbeuter

While the Newsbeuter program can be easily installed from the main software repositories of Debian, which is the recommended Linux distribution to run Newsbeuter on, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Slackware, openSUSE, Fedora and PLD Linux, it can also be installed on any other GNU/Linux operating system via its gzipped source archive.

To install it, simply download the TAR archive from Softpedia using the dedicated download section above, save the file somewhere on your PC, unpack it, open a terminal emulator app and go to the location of the extracted archive files with ‘cd’ (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/newsbeuter-2.8).

Then, you must execute the ‘sh’ command to configure, and eventually optimize the program for your computer’s architecture/operating system, followed by the ‘make’ command to compile it. Lastly, install the application system wide with the ‘make install’ command as root or the ‘sudo make install’ command as a privileged user.

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