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Mail 2 Wordpress is an SMTP mailrobot for posting wordpress blog entries via SMTP mail.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Thomas Linden
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Mail 2 Wordpress is an SMTP mailrobot for posting wordpress blog entries via SMTP mail.


· UNIX(TM) clone (linux, *bsd, solaris)
· perl 5.6 or higher
· perl modules:
· WWW::Mechanize
· MIME::Parser
· Config::General
· your own mail server with root access. the mail server must not neccesarily run on the same machine as your wordpress blog does.
· root access on the server
· some knowledge about unix system configuration


1. Create a robot user in wordpress, assign it access level 4.

2. Download the tarball.

3. Unpack it to some temporarily location, e.g. /tmp.

4. Edit the file 'Makefile', the variables to edit are described in the comments and are self explanatory.

5. Run 'make install'.

6. Edit the M2WP configfile, default config is /etc/m2wp.conf. All config parameters are mandatory. Be careful with the category section. All categories you want to use, must be configured! Go to your WP admin backend to lookup the category ids. Use the credentials of the previously created user.

7. Add an mailalias for the robot. Here I will explain it for postfix, other mailers maybe different:

- add a virtual user to /etc/postfix/virtual: robot@your.domain robot
- add an alias to /etc/postfix/aliases: robot: |/usr/local/bin/m2wp
- rebuild the databases and reload postfix: postmap /etc/postfix/virtual postalias /etc/postfix/aliases postfix reload

8. The M2WP script will be executed with the rights of the user your mailer runs as, so you have to make sure, this user has all appropriate permissions, which are:

- read+execute /usr/local/bin/m2wp
- chdir+write /tmp/m2wp-mail-parser
- read /etc/m2wp.conf

Last updated on December 20th, 2005

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