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Linux vacation is a automatic mail-answering program.




Linux VacationLinux vacation is a automatic mail-answering program. This is my vacation port to Linux. It is derived from the vacation program found on in the 386bsd directory on Nov 16, 1993. The original program was written by Eric Allman in 1983 and is copyrighted by the Regents of the UCB. The copyright disclaimer is valid for this distribution as well, i.e. this version is provided `as is', and I shall not be liable for any damage, data loss or earthquakes in the bay area.

Version 1.1 was a security-patched version. The former version 1.0 had a bad security bug which Olaf Kirch reported to the CERT mailing list (after giving me a hint :-). Please DO NOT LONGER USE vacation-1.0!

As far as Copyrights are concerned, the original parts of vacation are under the BSD copyright whereas I place my changed under the GPL (see file COPYING in the directory).

I tried to make this port look just like the version found with SunOS 4.1.x. There are minor differences, it resembles more the Sun version than the original 386bsd source.

Unpack the package as follows

mkdir -p /usr/src # if not already present :-)
chdir /usr/src
gzip -dc /vacation-1.1.tgz | tar xpvf -

A simple `make install' (install-aout is no longer supported as of version 1.2) should install binary in /usr/bin and the manpages in /usr/man/man*, respectively. If you choose different directories, edit the Makefile.
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