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INews is a system to write and publish newspapers on the internet.

INews is different, because:

* the newspaper has a traditional structure, with pages and articles distributed like in a paper newspaper.
* the newspaper is not published using HTML, but can be read with a java application.

INews is a complete system, composed by:

* a server application.
* an editor application, to write and publish editions of the newspaper.
* a reader application, to read the last edition of the newspaper on the internet.
* an administration application.

Purposes of the system are:

* speed and simplicity to write and publish the newspaper:
if the articles are ready as RTF documents (written with the most common word processors) and the pictures are ready, it should be a matter of minutes to publish the newspaper.
* to work in team to publish the newspaper.
* to keep an archive with all the articles, images and editions of the newspaper.
* to be open: all the articles and images are saved in the filesystem in a directory tree.

It is possible to build new parts types (like articles and images) and add them to the system.
Last updated on September 23rd, 2005

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INews is a system to write and publish newspapers on the internet.


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