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A free application to write out notes and memos under the GNOME desktop environment

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Bijiben is an open source application that provides users with an intuitive and integrated note editor for the GNOME desktop environment. In other words, it is a modern notebook software for Linux-based operating systems.

Bijiben means "notebook" in Chinese, but the application is popularly known as GNOME Notes among the open source community. It features a familiar graphical user interface written in GTK+.

Designed for GNOME

Bijiben (GNOME Notes) was originally introduced in the 3.8 release of the GNOME project, but today it is considered a mature application that makes use of the powerful ownCloud software to store the notes in the cloud.

With a user-friendly interface, the application provides users with an easy-to-use solution for writing, searching and browsing notes. In addition, it will automatically save your work in real-time.

The app’s interface follows the GNOME HIG (Human Interface Guidelines). While it looks exactly like a notebook, it allows users to immediately write anything they want, simply by clicking the “New’ button..

Getting started with Bijiben

From the main toolbar, you will be able to change the notebooks color (four predefined colors are available, but you can set a custom one), share the note via email, as well as to go back to the New and Recent view, where you can see all of your notes as grid or a list, as well as to add selected ones to a collection or delete them.

Users can also search their notes, use bullets or numbered list inside the notes, use undo, redo, copy, paste or cut functions, as well as to access the collections or create new ones. Additionally, the application will allow users to use basic formatting for their notes, such as bold, italic and strike.

Another interesting feature is the ability to create a new note, which will open in a new window, from a selection inside the current note.

Bijiben was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 21st, 2015
Bijiben - The main window, where users can add, organize and remove notes

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