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A personal diary application that has been designed especially for the GNOME graphical desktop environment

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Almanah Diary or Almanah (previously known only as Diary) is an open source software project that aims to deliver a simple and easy-to-use personal diary or journal application for the GNOME desktop environment.

Features at a glance

Key features include basic text editing functionality, such as text formatting, linking functionality, allowing the user to add links to other content in their diary entries, database encryption, built-in search functionality, as well as printing support.

Additionally, the application can list events, such as appointments and task imported from calendar applications like Evolution, allows users to define terms used in a single diary entry across multiple entries, and it allow users to log various items in detail.

Easy to use user interface

The program user interface is quite simple and straightforward. At a glance, it will display the last diary entry that was bookmarked, past events, as well as various controls that help you to customize the text, switch between multiple diary entries, and configure the application.

Under the hood

A quick look under the hood will show us that the application is written entirely under the C programming language and uses the cross-platform GTK+ GUI toolkit for its graphical user interface, which follows the GNOME HIG (Human Interface Design) specifications.

Supported OSes and availability

At the moment, it is available for download only as a universal sources archive, which forces the users to configure and compile the application prior to its installation. It’s distributed along with the GNOME Project, so you will be able to easily install it from the default software repositories of many GNU/Linux distributions.

Bottom line

If you’re a GNOME user and you want a good application for keeping a diary of your life, we strongly suggest to give Almanah Diary a try today. The application is available for download on Softpedia, free of charge, or you can fire up your package manager and install it from there. You won’t regret it!

Almanah Diary was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 25th, 2014
Almanah Diary - The main window, where users can write journal/diary entries

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