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3.0.1 GMGPL (GNAT Modified GPL)
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Colorize Basic, C++, Java, Perl, Python, R, XML, C#, 8085 Assembler, and x86 Assembler.





Code Colorizer Formatter is a simple parser is used to identify elements in the supported languages; for example, keywords, literals, comments, and operators. Each element type is set to use a specific character style.

The style sets the color used for that portion. In BASIC, the colors resemble those used by the Basic IDE. This allows for "pretty" code fragments in a Writer document.

Menu options exist to "colorize" selected text in the specified language.

I format my code snippets using paragraph styles. I place the cursor in the code snippet and then use Tools > Addons > MacroFormatterADP > Colorize Basic to colorize the current paragraph and all adjacent paragraphs that use a paragraph style that identifies the paragraph as code. The currently supported paragraph styles are "_OOoComputerCode", "_OOoComputerCodeInTable", "_OOoComputerCodeLastLine", "_code", "_code_first_line", "_code_last_line", and "_code_one_line".

It is up to the user to make sure code is formatted using a paragraph style with one of the supported names. Note that my macro documents contain these styles, and, they can be created in the current document using Tools > Addons > MacroFormatterADP > Create Paragraph Styles. When a paragraph style is created, it must have a next paragraph style. Some of the styles assume that the next paragraph style is a code type; for example, _OOoComputerCode style assumes that the next paragraph style is _OOoComputerCode. OOoComputerCodeLastLine, however, assumes that the next paragraph style is OOoTextBody. This is used when the paragraph styles are created. Use Tools > Addons > MacroFormatterADP > Configure to set the Font name, the next paragraph style, text size, and where tab stops should be set.

I attempted to configure appropriate localizations for English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. I have no abilities in some of these languages, so, feel free to provide corrections.
Last updated on January 24th, 2012

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