zOGI r943

zOGI is the ZideStore OpenGroupware Interface.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
2.4/5 21
Rev. Adam Tauno Williams
ROOT \ Office \ Groupware
zOGI project is the ZideStore OpenGroupware Interface.

zOGI's mission is to provide a clean and consistent XML-RPC API to the full suite of OpenGroupware's collaberation services.

Here are some key features of "zOGI":

The initial focus is to support tasks and projects.
These are the weakest sections of the older 'official' XML-RPC.
Surpasses functionality and performance of the older XML-RPC API.
TODO Support BLOB retrieval (via URL?)
TODO Support storing BLOBS (?)

The secondary focus is to support calendaring / scheduling functions,
Conflicts are reported
Access hints provided to client
Permissions can be modified
Participants can be modified
Notes can be created, edited, and deleted
TODO Still needs support for accept/decline
TODO Still needs some proposal mechanism (very low priority)

The tertiary focus is to support contact management.
As of r408 addresses and phone numbers can be put to the server.
As of r411 contacts and enterprises can be created, edited, and deleted.
As of r419 contacts and enterprise assignments are stored.
TODO Assignment of contacts and enterprises to projects

The primary consumer of zOGI support is the Consonance groupware client.


ZideStore (Development branch)

What's New in This Release:

Document entities no longer cause an "index out of range" error when included in a getObjectsById request.
objectId attributes should now always be encoded as integers. getObjectsById now supports post-Logic filters, and searchForObjects supports a "revolve" feature.
With "revolve", all Contacts for an Enterprise are automatically appended to the search results when searching for Enterprises, and the reverse is performed when searching for Contacts.
Team membership can now be updated by a user with sufficient privileges.

Last updated on March 25th, 2008

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