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phpEasyProject is an Open Source project management system.




phpEasyProject is an Open Source project management system and primarily thought started up to middle-class businesses from independent and small businesses for the service provider.

he project phpEasyProject in his current version consists four most important elements of the project management system like activity manager for the individual project participants, that project-oriented tasks, (ToDo - list), with the degree of completion, the project-administration with division on the project positions and the user management.

Here are some key features of "phpEasyProject":


Platform-independence for the server as well as for the Clients
Multilanguage in the user-interface and in the use thanks to UTF-8 - language-coding (for international teamwork)
Uniform design and service
PHP4 and PHP5 - capable
based on PEAR - library for the support of the numerous data bases like MySQL 3.x - 5.x, PostgreSQL and others
Smarty Template Engine - for faster design - adaptation
XHTML 1.1 - concurring

Project Management

Accessable for project management only
The project managers see only them assigned projects, that independently store management against it all projects from own participation
Fast aiming of new projects as well as process of the existing through only one mouse click
Flexible demarcation indicated projects through selecting only active as well as inactive projects and restricting after search key(filter)
Sorting after split-heads on - and descends
Direct overview all project-participant to certain project with allocation-possibility per mouse-click
Export of project-data as HTML - file or XML - file with matching XSL - presentation after different criterions and grouping-types
List-representation of project-positions (sub-projects) in tree-structure

User Management

Accessable for store management only
Faster overview the project-participant
Position-subdivision like for example co-workers, project managers, store managers with corresponding access rights
Flexible demarcation of indicated co-workers in the list through selecting only free-switched as well as not free-switched co-workers and restricting after search key(filter)
Sorting after split-heads

Activity Manager

Activity-report in form of the calendar as day shows
The start- time, that end-time, and step-size of each individual user individually decides
The individual activities are project - and project-position - covered
The activity-recording is no appointment book and therefore the leadership of parallel activities, therefore several activities in same period, prevents. this enables the exact bill of employee-hours
Clear statistics of the transacted hours per day, calendar-week, month and year with comparison-possibility of the data between selected and current date
Export of data in the HTML or XML - format for selected projects with grouping after project/Project-positions or after time

Tasks (ToDo-list)

All tasks are project-oriented. Still open active tasks prevent premature conclusion of the project
Each employee sees only the tasks of projects, is involved at which he/her as participants. The management sees all tasks besides those against it that from other employee as "private" is marked.
The tasks have a priority, that can be marked with letters not only numerically but also, as for example ‚D ' for Development - department or ‚MG ' for management.
You can make each task with the completion-degree very concise and helpful for the others
Start - and conclusion - date
Warning for course-date
The settled tasks are out represented crossed for the better clearness.
Flexible demarcation indicated tasks through selecting only active as well as inactive tasks, after certain projects, priorities and restrict after search key(filter)
Sorting after split-heads on - and descends
Graphic traffic light-system for the status of individual projects
Archive for no longer usable tasks


Web server, Apache 1.3.x/2.0.x or IIS
version 4.1.0(recommended PHP 4.4.2 or PHP 5.1.1)
in the configuration of PHP "register_globals=off" (recommended)
Database servers
MySQL 3.23.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x
MySQL 4.1.x and 5.0.x with PHP5 and MySQLi - expansion, recommended 5.0.x

What's New in This Release:

Code cleanup (with security fixes)
Add Italian translation (Thank you Dariusz Stojek)
Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thank you Jose Carlos Medeiros)
Add Spanish translation (Thank you Leopoldo Sanczyk)
upgrade xajax to last version (0.2.4)
Fixed a problem with quotes and other special chars (including #1545045)
XHTML 1.1 conform templates
Minor bugfixes
Fixed a problem with SQL compatibility for MySQL < 5.x
Fixed a problem with export for installations with use DB-Prefix
Minor design changes
Last updated on January 14th, 2007

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