Shezhu Resource Sharing System 1.19

Shezhu Resource Sharing System is an application for scheduling and booking shared resources.

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GPL v3 
2.9/5 14
Tim Colles
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Shezhu Resource Sharing SystemShezhu Resource Sharing SystemShezhu Resource Sharing System
Shezhu Resource Sharing System project is an application for scheduling and booking shared resources such as rooms and equipment.

The client only needs a modern Web browser.

It has a user friendly point and click interface, visual filters for making block/repeat bookings, concurrent users and double booking prevention, allows local site customization, and supports configurable academic term/semester blocks.

Here are some key features of "Shezhu Resource Sharing System":

· Portable - client only needs a modern web browser
· Point and Click - almost no typing required
· Intuitive - simple, obvious, consistent and user friendly
· Innovative - visual filters for making block/repeat bookings
· Powerful - concurrent users and double booking prevention
· Configurable - local site customization supported
· Useful - built in support for configurable academic term, semester and session blocks
· Free!


In order to run or build the Shezhu Resource Sharing System you need some third-party software available on your machine.


The client needs a modern web browser and the best browsers for this application are Firefox, Mozilla (including the Netscape branded equivalent and Gecko derivatives such as Galeon) and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The newest versions of all these browsers will work best. This application also works with the Konqueror and Opera browsers but these have some issues which may affect functionality. All browsers need JavaScript enabled. Any of these browsers may not work properly (or at all) depending on the operating system they are running under. Text based browsers (such as Lynx) are not supported.

For a comprehensive list of supported client browsers and operating systems refer to this browser compatibility chart from the most recent release of the application.

The server needs recent versions of the Apache web server and the MySQL database server.

The server has only been tested on Redhat9 and FedoraCore3 Linux/i386 platforms although there is no specific reason why it should not work on other Linux platforms and distributions.


Rebuilding this application from source requires a standard Unix development environment with the sh, make, cc, cpp, sed and awk utilities. Also required are RCS, Perl (5.6+) and the ImageMagick program. Also required is RPM to build a distribution. All these programs would probably come as standard in Linux distributions, other platforms may not have all of them by default.

What's New in This Release:

· This release supports Apache 2.2 (default) and MySQL 5 (default).
· It's anchored to UTC rather than local time, making it more portable.
· It's licensed under GPLv3.

Last updated on January 12th, 2008

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