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Field-proven, commercial grade email for free





Scalix is a Linux-based groupware server with a decades long heritage that mimics Exchange via standard and proprietary interfaces. It is best known for it's excellent Outlook user experience. With Scalix you can:

* Provide the Outlook experience your users expect with push email, PIM, group calendaring, free/busy services, public folders, delegation, and more
* Reduce your email budget with cost-effective licensing and low-cost server operating system choices like CentOS
* Keep email flowing and your pager quiet with a stable infrastructure that uses compute and operational resources efficiently
* Integrate with in-house custom applications with an open platform and API's

Scalix Community Edition is a product we’ve packaged and made available for free so every organization can try out and use our robust messaging solution. It includes Scalix Collaboration Platform – which serves as the foundation for all our product editions – and 10 Premium User mailboxes. As such, Community Edition is a field-proven, commercial grade email platform. As with all Scalix editions, it has a flexible, open architecture, and supports Outlook, Evolution, Scalix Web Access, and any IMAP or POP client. It can be customized, extended and integrated.

Community Edition includes an unlimited number of Standard Users for free.

Community Edition includes online help for the Management Console and Scalix Web Access. It includes “man pages” on hundreds of Linux commands, so you can get an online explanation of any administrative command including syntax explanations, a listing of its options, etc. Complete product documentation is also available on our Web site including our Installation Guide, Setup and Configuration Guide, Administration Guide, Client Deployment Guide, API Guide and current Release Notes.
Last updated on July 7th, 2009

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