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O3Spaces Workplace is a Web 2.0 Document Management & Collaboration Solution for OpenOffice.org, StarOffice and MS Office users.




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O3Spaces Workplace brings document management and document collaboration features to OpenOffice.org / StarOffice and Microsoft Office, including real-time version control, automated check-in/check-out and document security.

O3Spaces Workplace offers you freedom of choice. You can use the office suite of choice on your (Linux, Mac OS X, MS Windows, Solaris based) computer, and have O3Spaces Workplace offer its unrivaled user friendly Document Management and Document Collabora

O3Spaces Workplace provides a centralized and secure document repository, where your organization's files are stored. Based on roles and permissions, individual users, groups or departments can be granted access to files, folders and Workspaces.

O3Spaces Workplace provides three main entry points:

1. an AJAX browser based environment,
2. a desktop client with Workplace repository file browser; the Workplace Assistant,
3. and the Office suite plug-ins.
Last updated on October 6th, 2008
O3Spaces Workplace - O3Spaces Workplace

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