Khalkhi framework

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Khalkhi framework was formerly known as Contacts framework.




Khalkhi framework was formerly known as Contacts framework.

Khalkhi (say [χalχi]) is a plugin-based framework for (the properties of) entries in the KDE Addressbook and services upon them. It consists of two libs, libkhalkhicore and libkhalkhigui, and a control center module.

The framework models an addressbook entry, like a person or organization, as a list of property types, with no, one or more items of a type for each entry. There are three types of services for a property (e.g. email address):

* action service (e.g. send email)
* data action service (e.g. send file per email, like from drag'n'drop)
* status service (e.g. number of unread emails in assigned folder)

The tarball includes a lot of services for the most common properties:

* birthday: copy date; has birthday
* im address: chat with; send message; send file; online status
* email address: send email; copy address; send files/urls;
open assigned folders in KMail; unread emails in assigned KMail folder
* homepage: open; copy url;
* blog feed url: copy
* phone number: make call; send fax; send SMS; copy number;
* postal address: open in Google Maps; copy address
* note: copy note

Examples for programs using the framework are a cards server and a Kicker applet, which are available as seperate packages:

Please see also

Developers, you are welcome to try to create own services! Have a look at the folder "services/example"

If you want to build directly from KDE's repository:

svn co svn:// -N
cd pim
svn up khalkhi
svn up khalkhiapplet
svn up khalkhicards
svn co svn://
make -f Makefile.cvs
su -c "make install"

What's New in This Release:

rename to Khalkhi
adding namespace Khalkhi
streamlining API terms and file names
add ABI flag to plugins
add eventsrc for status changes
Last updated on May 29th, 2007
Khalkhi framework

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