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i-sense Groupware Suite is a web-based enterprise groupware application for SMEs and project teams. i-sense offers not only email, task management, group calendar, file management and much more but also includes extensive CRM and ERP functionality.

i-sense is based on the concept of achieving the highest efficiency gains through a systematic utilisation of synergy effects between various functions. Thereby, all aspects of a company are combined in one single tool. i-sense offers not only low system requirements and an easy installation but is completely customizable and extendable through individual solutions modules.

The basic principles of i-sense are: modularity, platform-independence, simplicity, multi-language support, flexibility and extensibility.

i-sense is available in two different editions. The Community Edition is for non-commercial use like in schools or universities and includes 50 completely free user licenses. The Groupware Suite is especially suited for project teams or small and medium sized enterprises and is free of charge for 3 users if registered under
Last updated on April 7th, 2009

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Web-based enterprise groupware including organizer, collaboration, CRM and ERP.


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