Directory Assistant 2.1

An application for managing an LDAP address book

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What's new in Directory Assistant 2.1:

  • This version added a settings dialog and various small fixes, including better handling for characters that need to be escaped and improved error messages.
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BSD License 
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Olivier Sessink
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Directory Assistant
Directory Assistant is an application for managing an LDAP address book. The focus is to create a very easy to use program, with only the few but necessary features. The target of Directory Assistant is novice users that still need to keep their addresses in an LDAP server.


Unpack the tarball, cd directoryassistant-1.4/, edit the Makefile (you might want to change the installation location, the prefix line in the Makefile) and run make. (note: if it complains about not having the gtk module installed, and you are sure you have it, make sure you run the ./ script under X)

Configuration is done by config file. Since novice users anyway don't know how to configure LDAP access, I decided to remove that from the GUI. The config file is however very simple. An example is shown below:

[My Ldap Server]
ldapurl = ldap://
bind_dn = cn=someaccount,o=someorg
bind_password = yourpassword
base_dn = ou=department,ou=People,o=someorg
startup_search = myfamilyname
add_dn = ou=myunit,ou=department,ou=People,o=someorg

The config should be stored in /etc/directoryassistant or $HOME/.directoryassistant

Last updated on October 6th, 2011


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