DEKSI CRM is an advanced, powerful and feature rich multi-platform and scalable, on demand, Web-enabled CRM solution.

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DEKSI CRM is an advanced, powerful and feature rich multi-platform and scalable, on demand, Web-enabled CRM solution complete with marketing automation, sales force and contact automation, contract automation, quote and invoice management, product management, sales forecasting, reporting and analysis, integration with MS Outlook, MS Excel, Adobe PDF, Website integration, logistics, trip and employee management, shared calendar, instant messaging and chat and much more. It offers a wide variety of different features and helps set the new standard for excellence in CRM software.

Here are some key features of "DEKSI CRM":

Sales person commission management enchancement.
Allows you define different commission calculation rules:
Percentages, specified for the salesperson.
Percentages, specified by product (item) or product category.
Percentages, specified by price category.
Quota based commissions with user defined levels.
Quota based commissions may be calculated on value and on quantities sold for a period.
Various other options to calculate commissions based on margins, selling price, etc.
Option to calculate commission based on registered orders, deliveries or invoices.

The last version additions included: Sales person commission management, Products' certificates management, Products' tags printing, and various user interface improvements, Call Center Module, Employee Contracts Module, and a Skype interface!!!

DEKSI CRM Marketing Campaigns Solution:

DEKSI CRM Marketing Campaigns Solution allows you to easy access to Marketing Information by tracking the number of sales leads, contacts, sales opportunities and accounts that each Campaign has generated.
DEKSI CRM Marketing Campaigns allows executives to quickly assess the progress of Marketing Campaigns. View the number of leads contacted, which turned into opportunities and sales, and the amount of revenue that has been generated.
DEKSI CRM Marketing Campaigns allows you to evaluate whether the Campaigns was successful. When you're planning a new Marketing initiative, search for similar Marketing Campaigns that have been completed. Take note of the type of Marketing Campaign it was, how much revenue it generated, how many sales leads were generated, the time of year in which it took place, or any other measurable you wish to track. Learn from the past in order to improve your strategies for the future.
DEKSI CRM customizable reporting and business analytics features will allow you to quickly determine the effectiveness of your Marketing Campaigns in real time. Custom reports will allow you to identify which Marketing initiatives generated the most leads, the most revenue and the most profit.

Email Management

E-mail Management and e-mail Automation features allow Marketing and Sales to create and manage personalized mass e-mail campaigns using high impact e-mail templates.

Constantly being in contact with your customers via e-mail is one of the most efficient and active support a company can give its customers. By keeping customers informed of their options your company has launched you ensure increased customer satisfaction.

Business Benefits of DEKSI CRM hosted Mass E-mail Marketing Campaign consist of:

Improving effectiveness and productivity of e-mail communications.
Increasing service levels.
Optimizing your marketing spend by identifying successful email campaigns.
Starting from any DEKSI CRM Marketing Campaign, send a personalized e-mail to all leads from that campaign with a few short clicks.
When viewing any Lead in the DEKSI CRM, see all E-mails sent to that Lead or sent from that Lead.

Online Marketing

DEKSI CRM Online Marketing features allows you to integrate with fully functional Online Store to publish up to date information(prices, pictures, description, etc.) about your products/services in Internet ( all over the world) and to receive online customer's orders from Online Store. Online Marketing allows also to integrate your company static Web Site with this Online Store giving you the information: who is visiting your web site, what products they are interested in, to record and know every interested person who visits your web site. It gives the possibility for customers to place orders of interested DEKSI CRM Online Marketing features.

DEKSI CRM Online Marketing is completely integrated with hosted Order & Delivery Management solution to place orders from your Web site directly to the DEKSI CRM Order Repository.

Contact Management

Contact management is an essential part of Marketing Automation and Sales Force Automation.

Completely web-based and available 24/7/365 over the Internet.
Customizable Views, Reports and Charts lets you learn anything about your company's Contacts.
Multilevel Contact grouping allows your company to group your Contacts as you see fit for easy, intuitive Contact organization that works.
Mass E-mail tools for E-mail Marketing Campaigns, etc.
Import Contacts from other systems or lists with Contact Import feature. Export Contacts from Standard and Custom Reports with the fields you chose to include.
Mass create, delete, reassign Contacts with intuitive software tools.
Pre-integrated with the DEKSI CRM suite of hosted Software-as-a-Service offerings, including Marketing, Sales Force Automation, ERP Add-Ins, collaboration.
Easily share contacts with your entire team, yet have full security over who has access to Contact info with DEKSI CRM User Profiles and Role settings.
In DEKSI CRM, Contacts can be associated with Events, Tasks, Calls, Documents, E-mails, Customers, Opportunities, Campaigns, and much more.

DEKSI CRM Contact Management includes a full contactdirectory, easily searchable with a full history of tasks, phone calls and email conversations linked back to them. Never miss a beat trying to 'catch up' on what's been going on with a contact - use DEKSI CRM and keep yourself one step ahead of your customers, providing them great service in record times to increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management helps the companies with their Sales Pipelines, and is fully integrated into the DEKSI CRM On demand application.

With DEKSI CRM Web-Based Opportunity Management software, you don't need to ask questions about your pipeline. DEKSI CRM provides the clear answers you need, at the click of a button, always in real time and up to date.

DEKSI CRM Opportunity Management is fully integrated into the DEKSI CRM Reporting system. That means you can pull any information about your sales pipeline that you need, whenever you need it, with no hassles. Use the pre-defined reports, or create your own in seconds.

Quote Management

DEKSI CRM Quote Management Software is the perfect complement to the robust Sales Force Automation (SFA) features that form a strong core of DEKSI CRM on demand CRM. With DEKSI CRM it's easier than ever to create more effective sales proposals by generating multiple quotes per opportunity. Very simple to use, quotes can be generated on the fly by sales executives via an intuitive user interfaces. Simply choose the products from the Products database and within minutes generate a professional sales quote in PDF format and e-mail it out.

DEKSI CRM Quotation Management software is tightly integrated with DEKSI CRM Contract and Invoicing Management. Generate the quote and send it to your prospect with the click of a button in real time.

Your prospects don't want to wait on all the fine print. Throw out your copies of Microsoft Word and Excel and stop spending hours re-creating sales quotes. Spend your time selling, and let DEKSI CRM generate your quotes for you on demand, so your prospects don't wait a second longer than they need to.

Invoice Management

Automated invoicing cycles have been an important part of any sales process for ages. Forgetting or neglecting to invoice customers is essentially throwing away your hard earned revenues. DEKSI CRM with web-based SFA solutions automatically generates correct and up-to-date invoices at the click of a button and then send them via email or print them off for mail-out.

We understand that every business has different processes, which is why we designed our invoicing feature to be so flexible. DEKSI CRM web based CRM Invoice management solutions are flexible enough to adapt to anything you can imagine: automated Web based invoicing, custom invoices, incorporated product database, overdue invoices, tax rules, discount rules, payment methods information, invoice reports.

Product Database

The DEKSI CRM Product database is making your products available to those who need them. The core of your business rotates around your products and services. For business success you need to know which products are most popular with which types of customers. This will help your sales team to recommend products tailored to each customer they talk to. Your sales team needs to know what products you offer and how much they cost, as well as any details about them that the customer would need to know about.

Create a product catalog to group related products. Use the catalog to offer special discounts for customer's who purchase all products within one of your catalogs.

You need to know your customers to maximize the sales of products. Compare customer reports against product reports and find out which of your customers are most likely to purchase additional products from different categories.

Sales Forecasting

DEKSI CRM solution delivers tools that collect, maintain and forecast lead opportunities keeping your sales staff on top of the current situation in each lead. Areas of concern - leads, customers, contacts, opportunities and forecasts track your client every step of the way. Have a 360-degree view of your clients and future clients, which will optimize your pipeline and allow you to close more sales.

Reporting and Analysis

The reporting and analysis feature of DEKSI CRM Web based solution allows you to take control of day-to-day issues, and run reports frequently to analyze specific areas of your business. DEKSI CRM allows anyone in your company to create new reports on the fly without requiring any IT or programming resources. Gaining business intelligence and insight will allow any organizations to identify and follow opportunities, and detect any business issue before it impacts their company. Firms can run real time sales software productivity reports, detect neglected leads, follow opportunities in the pipeline, and determine their best, biggest, smallest customer, etc. With DEKSI CRM Web based CRM software, users can identify the most or least selling product, biggest or smallest customer, identify market trends, anticipate future growth, bottlenecks and many other critical business issues.

Shared Calendar

DEKSI CRM takes your employee collaboration efforts one step further than the competition with the new and improved DEKSI CRMShared Online Calendar Software! Make scheduling events between employees or even offices from around the globe simple, concise and foolproof!

Employee Collaboration tools are found at the heart of the DEKSI CRMOn demand hosted CRM software system. We built our CRM software with the knowledge that helping employees in an organization share knowledge is one of the most important things in order to keep production levels sky-high and improve your bottom line. We've introduced a host of features, such as our Instant Messenger, shared reports, shared tasks and more for this one, simple fact. That's why the DEKSI CRMShared Web Calendar program is so important to us, and so important for our users, to help keep all employees organized, on task, and in the loop.

DEKSI CRM Shared Calendar application is built into the suite of DEKSI CRM web based CRM software tools that have been revolutionizing the industry now since inception. We continue to bush the known boundaries of CRM software in order to make your small business more productive and collaborative for the long run. DEKSI CRMS hared Business Calendar is just one aspect of a larger CRM Software System. Don't pay exorbitant fees to set up your own shared calendar application, like those commonly found running on in-house servers that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

With DEKSI CRM you'll enjoy completely user-friendly shared calendar program, giving all your employees more collaboration tools than any other CRM vendor on the market. Easily keep all your employees even intra-office ones all on the same page. You can invite other members of your sales team to a team meeting, get additional personnel to help you on a large presentation to a client, or simply let your supervisors know you have a personal appointment and will be out of the office for an hour next week the power is in the software, and through your DEKSI CRM account, the power is in your hands. No more struggling to understand complex software functions, no more exorbitant user licensing fees, and no more lost time from inadequate employee collaboration tools. With DEKSI CRM Shared Calendar software, we put you in the driver's seat of the fastest car bound for success.

Document Management

Sharing, storing and managing electronic documents related to your business, from contracts to marketing, is a complicated and sometimes tedious process. DEKSI CRM Document Management gives you a good chance that all your employees do have access to critical documents which will help them perform their duties more efficiently and be more productive. Easily share, distribute and store all your critical business information in DEKSI CRN easy to use Web based Document Management software, integrated fully into its online web based CRM software & web-based SFA solution. Make sure your roaming sales agents always have access to the right marketing collateral to make presentations, and that your customer service reps have access to contracts, dates and invoices for invoicing inquiries. All this and more- from DEKSI CRM Web based Document Management. DEKSI CRM Web based Document Management is easy. Easy to search, easy to find any document.

Profile Based Security

DEKSI CRM profile-based security model allows your company's executives and administrators to group certain CRM & ERP Add-Ins functionality together, limiting user's access only to information and tools required to do their jobs. You can categorize types of users based on their job roles at your company into profiles that can be assigned to multiple users performing the same job.

DEKSI CRM granular privileges (Create, Edit, Delete, and View), Data Export/Import rights, document-level, as well as login access preferences can be grouped into a custom profile. Document-Level Security: Manage access rights to DEKSI CRM documents (e.g. Campaigns, Contacts, Customers, etc.). Login Access Preferences: Manage access time, and login IP preferences.

MS Outlook Integration

You can use the DEKSI CRM Outlook integration tool anywhere you have Microsoft Outlook installed - on your laptop, home PC, or computer in the office. DEKSI CRM Outlook software will give users the flexibility to continue to use existing email management software like Microsoft Outlook, as an alternative to using the fully functional DEKSI CRM mail system. Microsoft Outlook and Web Access to CRM Software

DEKSI CRM makes it easy for your business to simultaneously use Microsoft Outlook and Web Access all emails, Contacts, Customers, and Opportunities managed within the DEKSI CRM system. DEKSI CRM Microsoft Outlook integration software provides a more robust CRM.

- Full Integration with the DEKSI CRM hosted Contact Management system. Allows users full visibility into the history of all sent and received emails, and automatically links the full email history to each Contact or Customer in DEKSI CRM. This saves your sales, service and support teams time and money by allowing a full 360 degree view into your past customer transactions, and empowers all your employees that interact with all customers or prospects a knowledgeable and customer-service orientated rapport instantly.

- Fully supported with Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2002 and Microsoft Outlook 2003, as well as Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP.

Website Integration

You can integrate your Company Web Site with Online Store by placing link to Online Store on your Company Web Site, that allows site visitors obtain actual information about your company products/services and order/buy interested products/services online.

DEKSI CRM is integrated with Online Store, that allows you to automatically fill up your Online Store with up to date information about your company products/services from the DEKSI CRM Product Database and receive online customer's orders from this Online Store directly to the DEKSI CRM Order Repository.

DEKSI CRM Web based Project Management (DEKSI-PM) provides a comprehensive and scalable on-line solutions for managing projects and project business: plan, track, control and analyze projects' tasks (works carried out by company), including resources (money, material and human), suppliers and contractors, project's documentation, quality, etc. DEKSI CRM Web based Project Management carries all the common Project Management Software features, allowing you to plan and track the progress of all your tasks, resources and expenditures within a timeline in order to achieve a goal for your organization. Web based Project Management is fully integrated with all other DEKSI CRM features.

Contractors, Construction companies, Engineering firms, Event Management companies, Software companies, Financial services, and any one who likes to automate the processes involved in managing projects efficiently can use DEKSI CRM Web based Project Management Software Solution.

DEKSI CRM Web based Project Management allows you access to your critical project information anytime, anywhere. Unlike the installed software such as MS Project and others, our Web based Project Management software requires no installation at all. Sharing Data among team members and their project manager is seamless and available in real time sales software, out of the box.

DEKSI CRM Web based Project Management Solution can be used by any project-based organization that depends upon the accuracy of decisions made everyday.

Employee Management

Employees can view employment records, benefits, submit expense reports, access the company knowledge base, and more. As an integrated part of our on demand hosted CRM & ERP Add-Ins, Employee Management will streamline your HR business processes and increase employee productivity.

Trip Management

Trip Management & Expense Tracking solution enables companies with a way to record, approve and analyze employee expenditures. Monitoring employee spending such as airline tickets, taxi rides, meals and mileage and associating such expenditures with customers, opportunities and projects will ensure maximum visibility into your company financial's, budgets and goals.


Server: 512MB RAM
Client: 128MB RAM

What's New in This Release:

The user manual was changed and some minor bugs were fixed.

Last updated on January 12th, 2008

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