Collaba 10.0

Collaba is a multimedia communication and collaboration portal server.

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What's new in Collaba 10.0:

  • This version improves and simplifies the experience of installing, starting, and setting up a Collaba server, adds a cross-platform user-friendly server startup application, makes it much easier to upgrade from one version to the next (drag and drop upgrades), significantly increases server performance and efficiency, includes a much more robust WebDAV server, provides support for built-in incremental server backups, adds more platform expansion capabilities, and much more.
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Collaba features secure e-mail (web & pop3/smtp, crypto.), on-line forums (web, rss & nntp), blogs (web & rss), multimedia chat, calendaring, address book, bookmarks organizer, web space, file server access (web, ftp, smb, cifs, webdav, etc.), Qualified Dublin Core support, digital portfolio, dynamic news board, directory access, extendable Single-Sign-On features, on-line portal management, anti-spam, gateways with popular services and technologies, synchronization with LDAP directories, and much more. Collaba project is very easy to install and requires only a Java platform to run!

Here are some key features of "Collaba":

· Personal mailbox
· Mail folders (for sorting and archiving mail)
· Attachments
· Auto-zip attachments
· Stylized text
· Mail rules (filters)
· Signatures (multiples)
· Prefabricated messages (templates)
· Anti-spam (regex by content and subject)
· Anti-spam (by multi-RBL)
· Anti-virus (by file name)
· Strong encryption
· Search tool
· Unread message indicator (red flag)
· Mail history (sent, read, etc.)
· Quoting of original messages
· Visual indicators for unread, sensitive messages
· Discussion chaining (threads)
· Spell checker
· Recovery of deleted messages
· POP3 access
· SMTP-AUTH access
· SMTP-AIP access
· SMTP-2390 access

What's New in This Release:

· Support for Zoho, a powerful on-line office suite, significant performance and stability improvements, an enhanced Single-Sign-On expansion API, and an improved built-in CAS authentication server.
· RSS feeds can now be displayed directly in the Bookmarks module.
· Multimedia blog attachments now displayed in-line.
· Support for YouTube, GoogleMaps, and other special objects was improved.
· Support for Mozilla Sunbird, Mozilla Thunderbird+Lightning, and others was added.
· LDAP synchronization performance was improved on high-traffic sites.
· There were hundreds of other changes.

Last updated on April 12th, 2011

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