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Tool to convert proprietary bank statement to OFX format, suitable for importing to GnuCash




ofxstatement provides a single command-line tool to run: ofxstatement. Run ofxstatement -h to see basic usage description.


Most internet banking systems are capable of exporting account transaction to some sort of computer readable formats, but few supports standard data formats, like OFX. On the other hand, personal accounting tools, such as GnuCash support standard formats only, and will probably never support proprietary statement formats of online banking systems.

To bridge the gap between them, ofxstatement tool was created.
Mode of operation

The ofxstatement tool is intended to be used in the following workflow:

- At the end of each month, use your online banking service to export statements from all of your bank accounts to files in formats, known to ofxstatement.
- Run ofxstatement on each exported file to convert it to standard OFX format. Shell scripts or Makefile may help to automate this routine.
- Import generated OFX files to GnuCash or other accounting system.


Before first use, ofxstatement should be configured to know about particular format of your statement files. Configuration file is stored in ~/.config/ofxstatement/config.ini and must be created before first use.

Configuration file format is a standard .ini format. Configuration is divided to sections, that corresponds to --type command line parameter. Each section must provide plugin option that points to one of the registered conversion plugins. Other parameters are plugin specific.

Sample configuration file:

plugin = swedbank

plugin = dnb
charset = cp1257

Such configuration will let ofxstatement to know about two statement file format, handled by plugins swedbank and dnb. dnb plugin will load statements using cp1257 charset.

To convert proprietary dnb.csv to OFX dnb.ofx, run:

 ofxstatement -t dnb dnb.csv dnb.ofx
Last updated on May 6th, 2012

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