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XIWA project is a web based accounting package written in Perl and postgreSQL released under the GPL.




XIWA project is a web based accounting package written in Perl and postgreSQL released under the GPL. We started writing this application in 1999 when web apps were still fairly new. Although Mozilla based browsers are the focus other browsers work pretty well with the system. The 2.0 release removes all old cgi scripts, adds a completely new interface to every part of the system, and adds a little asynchronous Javascript (ajax).

The package currently runs within a Portal environment that provides sessions, users, and other features. The Portal is released under the perl license so as to be widely useful to everyone.

Here are some key features of "XIWA":

Double Entry Accounting
Non double entry data entry screens (Check, Deposit, Credit Purchase, Credit Receipt)
Includes Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss and other reports
Create and Customize Reports
Multiple users at the same time
Multiple sets of books (ledgers)
Multiple ledgers open at the same time
Chart of Accounts
Share Accounts/Codes between ledgers
Check Register view for any account
Bank Reconciliations
Use Sub Entities/Departments within ledgers
Basic Payroll Support
Calculates Payroll Tax Deductions for employees and creates check entries that can be edited as needed
Payroll tax (Federal 941) deposit calculator
Payroll Reports
Federal 941
Missouri 941
Detailed Stocks (Securities) History including:
Spin Offs
Stock Splits
Update stock prices from Internet
Track securities/stocks on watchlists
Portfolio of securities with historical prices
Capital Gains report


DBIWrapper 0.14
HTML Document Object 2.12
PCX Portal 0.1.03

What's New in This Release:

Half of the code has been completely rewritten.
New interfaces such as Check View and Deposit view have been added, in addition to rewriting the Double Entry view.
The reporting code has a little cleanup, but is being completely rewritten in trunk.
The demo server is gone, but there is now a demo appliance that can be downloaded.
Last updated on June 20th, 2007

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