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VetTux has been developed and perfected to suit typical veterinary practices.






VetTux has been developed and perfected to suit typical veterinary practices. VetTux is easy, and fast to use, does not assume you or your staff are computer literate, or require fancy certifications. In short VetTux shows how computers can be used to enhance business.

VetTux runs on Linux and/or Microsoft Windows 98 and better. It utilises an SQL database, and the user interface provides a familiar look and feel to both UNIX and MS-Windows users.

With our technology we are able to present an application with the simplicity and fineness of a Windows user interface, with the rock solid reliability of the Linux operating system.

Here are some key features of "VetTux":


Easy management of system information, tax settings, invoice, receipt, and statement messages.
Fast easy management of category tables.
Easy management of operator permissions.
Easy management of suppliers and laboratories.
Performance analysis of category sales and dispensing.
Performance analysis of goods sales per owner.
Performance analysis of owner expenditure.
Analysis of owner debt.
Export of analysis results in graphical format.
Export of analysis results in SLK format for easy import into spread sheets.


Search for customer from, Surname, Account number, Initials, Title, Physical address, Postal address, Telephone numbers, and by Patient.
On successful search, table immediately shows all Patients with Pet number, Pet name, Species, Breed, Sex. Colour, Birth date, Vaccination status, Status (Alive or deceased), and vicious Indicator.
Icon warning of outstanding balance.
Icon warning of bad debt.
Icon warning of dangerous animal
Icon waning of deceased animal (avoid embarrassing situations)
Tab bar with tabs to quickly access common functions, Dispense, Vaccination history, Patient details, Client details, Complaint queue, Invoice and Receipt histories, Receipt function, Appointment book, and Utilities for periodic tasks.


Fast selection of clients and patients from queues.
Requested vet, and complaint visible for all queued patients.
Comprehensive Imaging and Document facilities.
Scanner, including networked scanner support.


Include initial of dispensing vet or receptionist.
Fast search for items from available categories.
Real time calculation of price before invoicing.
Editing of items already added to invoice, including removal of them.
Ability to leave invoice "open" for further items to be added later on.
Facility to generate printed quotes.
Auto Procedures that automate the task of entering routine information for common procedures.


Vaccination history display ordered by date.
Facility to correct information.
Facility to add old Vaccination records. Useful for patients who are transferring from another vet.


Provides fields that allow existing pets details to be modified.
Easy addition of new pet. Search facility for pets breed avoids spelling errors.
Simple toggle button to set/reset Vicious indicator.


Provides fields that allow existing clients details to be modified.
Easy addition of new clients.
Simple toggle button to set/reset bad debt indicator.
Simple toggle button to set/reset alternate language indicator.
Email support.
Notes field to add information such as PIA.


Simple interface to queue patient into one of three queues.
Field allows for preferred vet selection.
Consult, Hospital, and Misc. queues.
Ability to remove or change information pending in queue.


Tabular displays of invoices and receipts, ordered by date, and arranged side by side for convenient comparison.
View and optional reprint of Invoices.
View and optional reprint of Receipts.


Simple interface providing current outstanding balance.
Real time calculation of change due.
Automatic entry of amount tendered for Credit card and Cheque payments.
Planed automatic discount for cash payments.


Transfer Pet.
Merge Owner.
Merge Pets.
Purge Pet.
Purge Owner.
Input Stock.
View and/or Print of
Full history
Vaccination history
Medical history (excludes good purchased)
Hospital sheets.
Journal trail
Invoice audit trail
Order forms
Print mail runs for
News Letter.
Email Letter.
System backups
Cash Up.
Month End.
Specimen Submission editor.


X-Ray image history
Dental image history
Lesion image history
Photo image history
Image annotator

Appointment Book

Appointment book for each vet or consultant.
Search from appointment book.
Add to appointment book from system database.

The Linux versions of our software are free to all non-profit organisations, in addition we will include one years free support.

What's New in This Release:

Added support for custom sheets.
Added Cost, Value on Hand, and Price to Stock level report.
Added display to show UOM in dispense.
Added support for returns with credit card payments.
Added support to reprint or preview labels associated with a past invoice.
Fixed bug where contents of quotes were been shown in histories.
Fixed bug with random crashes of label printing on slow computers.
Fixed bug with rounding when invalid values were specified.
Last updated on March 3rd, 2010

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