TransProCalc 0.7

TransProCalc is a tool used to calculate financial and project data for translation projects and generating relevant reports.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.2/5 16
Anthony Baldwin
ROOT \ Office \ Finance
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TransProCalc is a FREE/Open Source tool for calculating financial and project data for translation projects and generating relevant reports. It has four components, and generates four reports:

ProjectEstimate: for calculating charges and expenses and projecting revenue
ProjectDocs: for organizing information all project documents (at this date, TPC will handle up to 8 documents for one project), including unit counts, number of target translations, for multiple target languages, etc.
ProjectAssign: tracks which documents and translations have been assigned to which providers, how much each provider charges per unit, and calculates total providers expenses for the project. TPC currently handles up to 5 providers for one project.
ProjectOut: Upon completion, delivery of the project, ProjectOut gathers the relevant financial data and makes a report for invoicing and/or bookkeeping purposes.

TransProCalc generates a report in .txt format for each function that you can edit, save or print *. (*TransProCalc can only print the reports in Linux, but Mac and Windows users can open the report in any text editor, such as notepad,abiword, msword, etc. for further editing or printing.)

About current capacity: TransProCalc could be augmented to handle large projects, of course, but I wrote it for my own purposes, and, to date, it has been quite adequate. Want an enhanced version for larger projects? I can be persuaded to spend the time to increase TPC's capacity, of course, but my time is valuable. Contact Tony to request enhancements.

Uses: My book keeper loves the ProjectOut reports, because it gives her all the relevant information for entering a project on the books. I print one for every project and clip it on top of my invoice to the client and any invoices from providers, etc. and she has everything she needs at a glance. I copy/paste the relevant portions to my letterhead for invoicing, too.

I use the ProjectDoc and ProjectAssign reports to organize information when the project comes in, and then have it when it is time to gather up the pieces and deliver upon completion. Very handy.

TransProCalc is written in ActiveTcl8.5 / Tcl.Tk, and, thus, is cross-platform and will run on Linux, Mac, and Windows. (But direct pringing is only enabled in Linux. Other users must save the report and print from another program.)

TransProCalc was created by Anthony Baldwin, and is licensed according to the provisions of the Gnu Public License (GPL) v.2 or later


ActiveTcl 8.5

What's New in This Release:

TransProCalc can now save a project and open it again later!

Last updated on March 26th, 2008

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