SuperbCalc 1.08

A financial calculator written in Java with advanced features.
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SuperbCalc is a financial calculator (a.k.a. desk calculator or adding machine) written in Java. With SuperbCalc calculations are as easy as with your desk tape calculator, but with more advanced features.

Sure, you have your little tape of paper that gets written, showing you the full history of the calculations made, and you can print it with your printer, you can cut it and also throw it away. But you can also insert comments, check/uncheck each line, copy & paste a single number or a whole tape into your preferred word processing or spreadsheet applications, and more. With SuperbCalc you can correct the numbers directly in the tape, and it will automatically recalculate the whole tape!

Main features:

  • Calculations are made with arbitrary-precision signed decimal numbers matching the IEEE 754R standard (the maximum precision is 64 bits, corresponding to 15-16 significant digits).
  • It can use its full decimal precision or rounding with 0, 2, 3, 4 or 6 decimals.
  • Three rounding modes: down, half-up and up.
  • Percent calculations.
  • Memory functions.
  • Grand Total function.
  • Annotations can be made on every line of the tape.
  • Each line can be checked/unchecked. Four check symbols available of different colors.
  • The tape automatically expands to use all the space available on your screen and shows a scrollbar when there's no more space.
  • Two colors tape writing.
  • The SuperbCalc keyboard layout mimics your computer keyboard layout.
  • Main menu for easy access to all the functions.
  • Virtually unlimited tape length.
  • Virtually unlimited number of cut tapes on screen.
  • Tape printing, with print preview and page setup.
  • Save tape on a file, open a file in a new tape.
  • Clipboard operations, either with the single number on the display, a single line of the tape or the whole tape.
  • Saved files can be opened by most spreadsheets, specifying to use the TAB character as separator.
  • Saved files can be opened by most word processors, and tables can be automatically created from them.
  • Tapes copied in the clipboard can be pasted directly in most spreadsheets and word processors.
  • Integrated software update via Internet. Can use a proxy server.
  • The look and feel is configurable.
  • All the colors and fonts are configurable.
  • The numeric system used is configurable: European, Arabic, Devanagari and others (the fonts chosen must support it).
  • The locale is configurable.
  • The tape is editable, with automatic recalculation.

last updated on:
March 10th, 2010, 10:31 GMT
license type:
AFPL (Aladdin Free Public License) 
developed by:
Roberto Mariottini
ROOT \ Office \ Finance
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