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PayThyme is the first Open Source UK statutory payroll.




PayThyme is the first Open Source UK statutory payroll, and has been developed by Clockwork Software Systems, who also provide payroll support and other services, and develop other business applications. At the UK Linux & Open Source Awards 2005 PayThyme payroll took the Award for the Best Linux/Open Source Server Application.

Clockwork is an original member of the Python Business Forum and our people are active in local LUGs and other organizations committed to Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS).

For a supported version of PayThyme payroll

PayThyme is an Open Source UK statutory payroll software package and runs on Linux; full payroll support is available from the authors - Clockwork - and you can find details of this, together with information on PayThyme payroll features and functionality, at

The general Clockwork web site is at and has details of our range of software products, software development and integration services, training courses and consultancy services.

Freely available to the community as an unsupported download

As committed FLOSS advocates ourselves, we have licensed PayThyme payroll under the GPL - practising what we preach - and are providing this website, for the Open Source and Free Software community.

Here you can download PayThyme payroll source code and evaluate it free of charge.

Please read the REQUIREMENTS section carefully; it will help you get it right - remember that the downloads you make are not supported.
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