OutGoing 0.8

OutGoing is a hacked together perl script designed to aid in financial planning.

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BSD License 
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Simon Burr
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OutGoing is a hacked together perl script designed to aid in financial planning. It is designed to take in a list of your regular monthly outgoings and generate a lump of HTML which shows:

- The total amount of money going out for the month
- A break down on a week-by-week basis of the money which goes out
- Shows you what payments are left to go out during the remainder of the month


Installation is relatively simple; you can just do a:

$ make install

And everything will install under /usr/local

If you want to change the final destination of the software then you can just update the Makefile to suit your requirements or set the INSTALL variable to the Makefile

Note that you may want to change the location of perl from /usr/bin/perl to something more suitable for you system.

Please see the manual page for this software for running details.

There is also a pkg target, ie:

$ make pkg

Which is used to build a Solaris package of this software. To use this you will have to have installed the pkg-tools package as well.

What's New in This Release:

· Corrected a bug for when we have a four week period which contains a change from daylight savings to normal (eg the change from BST to GMT in the UK) which led to the incorrect week start days being used; whilst most of the data displayed was correct, the details of how much money had gone out and which weeks had already gone by was incorrect.
· Added a feature to the -T flag to specify a period of time relative to the current time so you can use "+1w" to generate the figures for a week's time or "-5d" to go back a day. Read the manual page for more.

Last updated on November 1st, 2005

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