OpenQuote 1.2 / 1.3 RC1

OpenQuote is an open source, web based, insurance quotation solution.

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What's new in OpenQuote 1.2:

  • The OpenQuote team is very pleased to announce the release of OpenQuote
  • 1.2. This release marks the completion of development 1.2 and is thanks
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.3/5 16
Dick Anderson and Matthew Tomlinson
ROOT \ Office \ Finance
OpenQuote is an open source, web based, insurance quotation solution which allows quotes to be produced, and products maintained, over the web. Any number of products can be configured to support any line of business via externalized product definitions and rules. For more information please feel free to browse this site or ask questions in our project forums.

The system can be made available to brokers and proposers, quotes can be made and saved for the broker or proposer to return to at a later date. OpenQuote can issue quotation documentation to the broker or proposer and keep the Underwriter informed about all quotations and when they are accepted.

An insurance product is configured by specifying the information that is required to be captured from the proposer, this configuration is then used by OpenQuote to automatically generate all the required screens. Basic products predefined for various lines of business can be extended (used as a basis for) by new products when they are created, this speeds up time to market because less configuration is required. Any existing product can be extended this way by future products, with the new products inheriting all of the original product rules and attributes.

Processed quotations and accepted quotations can be packaged up as an xml message for policy administration systems to use, this provides a mechanism to help automate transition from quote to policy.


Reduce time to bring new products to market
Lower cost of product creation
Improve consistency of client interaction
Reduce cost of product ownership and management
Empower business users to easily prototype products
Enable business to quickly react to market trends
Allow business to explore new lines of business

Here are some key features of "OpenQuote":

Produces insurance quotations
Fully web enabled
Handles multiple lines of business simultaneously
Handles multiple insurance products simultaneously
Spreadsheet configured risk evaluation rules and rates
Handles broker and direct to market sales
Quotes are saved for later review/take up by proposer
Produces and issues quotation documentation
Informs underwriter when quotes are generated and accepted
Automatic screen generation
Product inheritance for faster time to market
XML to aide policy administration system integration

Technical Summary

J2EE server side system (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)
MySql database
Alfresco document management
JBoss application server
JBoss Portal for user interface presentation
Drools rule engine for business rules (rating, validation, risk assessment etc.)
FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) document production (Quotation PDF)
Web browser accessed user interface
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Unix compatible

What's New in This Release:

2035944 SavedQuotations button labels are wrong
2035941 Irish Broker PI: Notification emails not being delivered
2035939 Irish Broker PI: Requote errors
2035937 Irish Broker PI: Product name is wrong on notification
2035936 Irish Broker PI: order does not set status
2034786 $DEBUG_OPTS needs removing from run.bat

Last updated on January 6th, 2011

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