Open Blue Lab2.1.0

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Open Blue Lab is a modular ERP, built on a plugin architecture.





Open Blue Lab project is a modular ERP, built on a plugin architecture. Each business domain (such as Groupware, Financial, HCM, PLM, or SCM) is separated into subdomains which are implemented through plugins.

This form permits you to create all the information related to a contact you are in relation with, during, for example, a phone call. Once totally expanded, this form looks like the image on your right. A click on orange borders will open or close the corresponding section.

This form is directly generated from the UML model that describes CRM informations system. Layout like multicomuln is specified in a very easy way.

What's New in This Release:

The CSS style was corrected by deleting the footer, changing skins, improving the search button, and adding PNG transparency.
The action portlet was fixed up.
Some messages have been translated.
You can now drag and drop portlets.
The search bar has been improved, so you can search by contact, city, company, or any other fields.
You can now set prority on tasks.
Last updated on June 12th, 2007
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