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An application to generate invoices, quotes, statements, and labels with barcode support





Nevitium is an application to generate invoices, quotes, statements, and labels with barcode support.

Here are some key features of "Nevitium":


- Easily manage and search your business Connections (suppliers and customers).
- Each "Connection" or contact has its own Journal section where endless notes can be kept.
- A summary list of past/current invoices is seen for each customer that allows you to act on each one.
- Search features show only what you want to see.
- Export the table view for a mail-merge or other marketing effort.
- Easily complete invoices by selecting the customer information from Connections.
- AutoComplete Lookup zip codes or city and state
- Print address labels
- more...


- Easy inventory database tracks only the essentials to promote ease of use.
- Powerful, easy search features and barcode scanner support allow you to access product information quickly.
- Inventory Quantity is updated when sales are made through an invoice and when products are received.
- Each product tracks when it was last received or sold.
- Each Product has support for THREE suppliers/vendors instead of the usual ONE.
- Each product can be set as taxable/untaxable for TWO separate tax rates.
- Easily select suppliers/vendors from Connections.
- Auto complete feature in the Category field prevents typos
- Print barcode or information labels
- more...


- Create professional Invoices and Quotes for your customers
- Easily complete invoices by selecting the customer information from Connections
- Use a barcode system to instantly grab products from inventory, or manually select/search
- Add miscellaneous (non-inventory) items to an invoice
- Auto complete feature remembers previously entered miscellaneous items to save typing
- Process payments against an invoice until it is paid (Simple Interest Option)
- View or Print closed and current invoices
- Easily Track unpaid (Open) invoices
- Place new Invoices or Quotes "on hold" and resume them later!
- Support for TWO different tax rates and on-the-fly exemptions for each product sold
- more...

Invoice Manager

- Invoice Manager lets you see ALL of your invoices and payments-received at a glance.
- Smart filters let you instantly cycle between Paid, Unpaid, and Voided invoices.
- Easily process product returns, voids, refunds, 'write offs' and more from one screen.
- View and reprint any invoice.
- Resume invoices that have been put "On Hold"

Other features:

- Made for the home business or other one-person service/retail operation.
- Emphasis on ease of use and access to vital information for your customers.
- Create Professional Invoices, Quotes and Statements for customers.
- Powerful Invoice Manager lets you see invoices and the payment activity for each one at a glance.
- Take any amount of payments with or without simple interest applied until the invoice is paid.
- Simple tools to manage inventory and customers. Process sales of inventory or non-inventory items.
- Print address labels for customers and barcode or information labels for inventory products.
- Modern print system outputs PDF files. This allows transfer through email or other delivery methods including paper. PDF files free you from your printer or other operating system malfunctions; for example, if your printer won't print you can still output an invoice or report (as a pdf file) and print it elsewhere or send it in an email.
- Simple design focuses on invoice creation and tracking; No general ledger or other bank account information to worry about.
- Simple reports help formulate tax dues and reporting information monthly, quarterly and yearly.
- Aids you in maintaining a tight, professional, organized business using common-sense.
Last updated on February 25th, 2011
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